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Url Shortener Scripts – Why GooPlu

Url Shortener Seo and GooPlu Url Shortener Scripts – Make Money From Referral Program. When it comes to social networks, sending traffic directly to an incentive freebies site with offers is considered spam. It s much more effective to have a website or blog where your visitors can learn more and then be converted into your personal referrals. Make Money with Google Plus. Make short URL and Earn from your links – GooPlu pays you for linking to any site or page that you want.

Of course, when similar services such as bitly are free and easier to use than ever, why bother trying to make a few bucks and in return sacrificing the quality of your links for advertisement? Some may be for it, mostly internet marketers and entrepreneurs who have the audience willing to sit through everything, or even those who can push out links quickly throughout the web.

Android Url Shortener and Url Shortener Scripts – Sites. The third reason is that you might want to shorten the link so that you can place it in your twitter message if you are using twitter marketing. There is very limited space of 140 characters that you can place on your tweets and you will want to make use of the url shortener so that you place a live link within your message. If you have build a good relationship with your followers and you want to recommend one good product to them, you will want to make use of this services.

You will earn 20% commission of your referral s earnings for life. This is a great way to boost your Gooplu earnings – especially as Gooplu is relatively new and not many people have heard about it – so get in quick and build up your referrals!

One last idea that you could use a URL shortening script for, would be to create link bait for your site by creating a free toolbar or FireFox plugin that utilizes your script as a way of driving traffic to your site and getting links. As you can clearly see, the uses for a URL shortening script are plenty.

Tiny Urls and Url Shortener Scripts – How to Attract More Customers. Google+ Social Network – Google launched the + Project, Google s social network project. Google + was initially opened up for limited number of sign-ups for a short time period. Google + Project includes: Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Mobile. We want to make Google better by including you, your relationships, and your interests. And so begins the Google+ project.

A great way to make money from this traffic and have significant success with this free traffic is to send people to a blog where the conversation is prolonged and offer a review or soft sell within the blog. A blog is a fantastic tool to cultivate relationships, form trust, and then offer your goods after you have continued the dialogue.

Google is slowly introducing +1, starting with its English language search at You can give it a spin right away – just login to your Google account, visit the Google Experimental Search Site ( and enable the +1 service.

Visit the site now to sign up for your free Gooplu account. Make money with Google Plus Shortener – get paid for every person that visits your URLs. Start making money with your links.